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Culture Crew

Naturally being interested in people and wanting to make a positive difference (small or big), I noticed some of the employees at OE Federal just didn’t seem happy… Perhaps complacent. Or even having an attitude of “I’m just here for my paycheck”. This realization pulled at my heart strings. Especially knowing that there were so many people who had been at OE Federal for 10, 15, 20 years…


I wanted to make work a place that was something to look forward to.

A place that was FUN.

A place that made people smile.

A place that had great culture.


I’ve been very fortunate that my manager, Jessica and I are very similar in our goals and aspirations for OE Federal.


Together we came up with the Culture Crew and during our off-time we collaborated to come up with:


  • What the Culture Crew was
  • How we were going to do it
  • What events, volunteering, ways to touch staff in a positive way (like donut eating contests, decorating desks for a birthday, and fun games in the lunchroom, etc.), would we plan on doing?


We also wanted the Culture Crew to be an opportunity for others to learn, participate, and lead in.


  • Coordinating events
  • Project management
  • Sharing expertise at “lunch and learn” sessions
  • Handling money, budgeting, and purchasing.


Jessica and I met with our CEO and pitched the Culture Crew – He was all in!

While this program in still in its infancy , we have high hopes that this will improve the culture at OE Federal due to some of the fun events we have done so far.